Image: Attack of the Giant Mosquito (killer)!!!

Attack of the Giant Mosquito (killer)!!!

You’re standing in the shower and one of the most gigantic mosquitoes you’ve ever seen flies over the shower curtain. Take a deep breath … it’s not a mosquito.

I grew up calling these Mosquito Killers. Given that name, I tried to save as many of these insects as possible. Unfortunately, they’re delicate. My compassionate attempts usually resulted in a 3-legged insect.

These monstrous flyers are actually Crane Flies.

Good news: the fact that I maimed countless Crane Flies is not THAT bad. They were going to die soon anyway. These adults can’t eat!! All they do is make baby Crane Flies and die.

Bad news: they don’t kill mosquitoes. Larval Crane Flies eat decomposing plants.

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